How We Help

Accelerating Growth

This is the primary objective, and the business must attempt new initiatives; M&A, internationalisation, new product development or rapid organic growth.  All will put pressure on the team and the day to day operation. 

The sheer pace of growth may lead the business to outgrow management capability. The team may need to be restructured and complemented with senior interim resource.    

How we can help

Executive Search

  • Understanding the business culture and the board dynamic is crucial  
  • We will spend time with you and your board. We will want to understand your operation and business plan so we can identify your next generation of leadership 
  • We will help you develop the brief and design a bespoke search strategy for your unique hire 


Elite Interim Network

  • Interim specialists can help implement growth initiatives; acquisitions & integrations, new product development or new market entry programmes
  • Organic growth is so rapid that interim change agents are needed to improve operating platforms  
  • A hand picked network of immediately available & flexible interim resource