Transitioning to a private equity model requires a huge amount of adjustment for CEOs.  There are a new set of expectations to manage, and new challenges involved.  

If a CEO hasn’t been in this situation before, advice from someone who has can be invaluable.

Glenn Elliott, CEO of Reward Gateway, has led the business through two private equity transactions.  He’s grown the business into a multi-national market leader with the investment and support of his backers.  In this video, he shares advice he’d give to himself at the outset of his private equity journey.



Glenn’s tips for CEOs new to private equity ownership:

1 Behave like an entrepreneurial/founder CEO; it’s your business, lead it with an ownership mentality

2  Bring good people in around you.  Scale, assess and enhance your management team

3  Be your company’s toughest critic.  Communicate constantly and share your weaknesses with your investor