Case Studies

Pantheon Group: Deploying an interim to manage a European integration project

Permira Private Equity established a group of companies operating across Europe within the medical equipment space. The buy and build strategy allowed them to create a strong group, but integrating multiple owner managed businesses in several countries was a big challenge.

They needed someone to come in an unify the finance function across all entities, and approached us to deploy an experienced finance interim, used to working on multi-national projects, and able to flex their location across Europe. 

Find out how the interim manager we deployed from our elite interim network tackled these challenges, and what benefits the business enjoyed as a result.


‘The biggest benefit to the business of putting me in as an interim was visibility and control; the ability of all stakeholders to understand what was, and wasn’t driving profitability; identifying where the issues were and to put actions in place accordingly.’

David Mezher  |  Elite Interim, deployed to Pantheon Group