The Right Mindset for Private Equity

Hiring for Executive and Senior-level roles requires a high level of discovery, scrutiny, and due diligence – it’s not too dissimilar from any other investment process.


Simply matching skills and experience to the role is a one-dimensional approach; and runs a high risk of backfiring in terms of cultural fit and delivering the growth expected

The Right Mindset research booklet

A successful appointment in PE requires a high level of scrutiny and due diligence regarding the candidates’ mindset. Therefore we began researching what’s required. We turned to a qualified occupational psychologist to help us carry out our research, and the findings drive our search process.

What’s inside the Insight?

Inside, you’ll find a wealth of information about The Right Mindset, as well as our search process:

  • What ‘The Right Mindset’ is
  • Consequences of the wrong mindset
  • Preferred behaviours and traits
  • Matrix of behavioural themes
  • Variations by specific functions (CEO, IT, HR, Divisional MD, and more)
  • Balancing the downsides

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