An interview with Garry Wilson, CEO of Endless

Not everyone thinks of private equity investors as ethical, down to earth, understated and considerate. Garry Wilson, though, is just that.

The overarching goal for Endless is ‘to make business better for everybody’, supporting businesses facing huge changes and more often than not, turnarounds, in order to secure the long term future of the business – not just the profit, but jobs too.

Garry comes from a working class background with an early career in consulting. By the age of 32, he was already a partner at one of the big four. After a spell advising private equity firms, he co-founded Endless during a peak time for private equity, focusing in on turnarounds.

Endless started well, and within a few years added a major brand to its list of successes – Crown Paints. Since then, they have continued to go from strength to strength, and are now on their fourth fund.

Garry recognises that the Endless team are dealing with people who are experiencing major problems or are facing the unpredictability of major changes to their business. He recognises this, and ensures that his team go about their business treating people with consideration and dignity. Indeed, he states that his major driver is not making money but saving jobs.

“It’s a fantastic feeling when you’ve got a business at risk of failing, being able to step in and solve that problem. One of the things I’m most proud of is the thousands of jobs we’ve saved.”  Garry Wilson

Garry Wilson

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