Watch Kevin Brennan, CEO of Quorn Foods, share his top three leadership tips.



1 Money cannot be your key motivator, be passionate about the business 

2 Make sure you incentivise the leadership team not only the executive team 

3 Be prepared for things to go wrong, find outlooks and build your resilience 


Kevin joined Quorn in 2011, when Exponent Private Equity carried out an MBO of the company’s previous owners Premier Foods, in a £205m deal. Since then he has turned meat-free alternative Quorn into a household name.

Driving the 600-plus international team to make massive achievements, Kevin is a true turnaround expert who is rather adept at changing firms’ fortunes. Before becoming chief executive at Quorn he was Marketing Director at Kellogg’s and helped globalise Special K, spearheading its transformation from a healthy breakfast cereal to a bestselling brand with a whole range of spin-off products.