Role Descriptions

Interim Marketing Director

Interim Marketing Director

Accelerating growth is an essential part of moving towards a successful exit following on from private equity investment.  Having a strong marketing function is integral to a company’s ability to accelerate growth.  Marble Hill Partners maintains an Elite Interim Network of high calibre interims with private equity experience.  We deploy Interim Marketing Directors into these businesses to drive value and growth.

What are clients looking for?

Post-investment, CEOs and management teams are striving to meet ambitious growth targets in sales and Ebitda, and investors are looking for maximum returns on their investment.  As the business adapts to the private equity model, it is often necessary to inject pace into the change process and professionalise the business, then to accelerate the pace of growth.  Interim Marketing Directors have a key role to play, as they can be quickly placed into the business to drive these processes.

Interim Marketing Director assignments may include projects around:

  • Branding and marketing strategy
  • Customer segmentation
  • Harnessing digital
  • New product development
  • The introduction of new channels, leveraging existing ones
  • Implementation of detailed marketing and management information reporting

What we look for in Interim Marketing Directors:

  • A demonstrable track record of delivering change within a private equity backed environment.
  • A functional expert with a wide range of marketing experience, some relating to the sector of the business
  • The ability to quickly add value and impact, drive change and motivate a team.
  • A strong corporate background, formal qualifications and training, coupled with the ability to translate this experience to smaller, less well resourced businesses.
  • Customer focus and a strong customer service ethos

How to apply:

To join the Marble Hill Partners Elite Interim network and gain access to future Interim Marketing Director roles within private equity backed businesses, please upload your CV.  Our team will review your background and contact you with the next steps. 

Looking for an Interim Marketing Director?

Call us on 020 3327 4029 or email  The Marble Hill Partners team will be happy to discuss your requirements and explain how we can deploy our Elite Interim Network to help your business achieve its objectives