Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small file generated by websites (and some applications) that can perform various functions. UK legislation requires that websites (and applications) must inform users about cookies and must gain free consent to be used before they can be used.

Some examples of cookie functions include:

  • Remembering your cookie preferences for individual sites
  • Remembering what items you left in your basket for online stores
  • Remembering your login information so you can log in to an account automatically
  • Analytical purposes, such as tracking user interaction across a site
  • Security purposes, such as preventing cyber attacks like DDoS

If you’d like to learn more about cookies and their uses, please visit (We are not affiliated with this website and the link is provided solely for informative purposes).


What cookies do we use?

We use a few different types of cookies across our site for functional and analytical reasons. We may sometimes change the cookies we use, so please see detailed information about each cookie by clicking on the green cookie icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.

The cookies we use create an anonymous identity of you, this allows us to see new users, as well as returning users, and understand how our site is used.

Using this data, we can make changes to our site that improves the overall experience.

We never collect personal information about our users, all data is entirely anonymous and cannot be used to personally identify anybody.


How is it anonymous?

When you accept cookies on our site, you are assigned a user tag. When you return to our site at a later date, we can see the cookie which has been assigned to you, and determine that you have visited the site before.

When you clear your cookies, or after the cookie has expired, you will be assigned a new user tag upon your next acceptance of cookies. This will appear to us as a new user.

The specific way that this cookie works may not be quite as described above, and it is described this way to make it easy for users to understand.


I don’t want cookies, what should I do?

You can delete or reject cookies in a number of ways, as detailed below:

You are visiting the site for the first time: You will see a banner appear on screen asking for permission to use cookies, you can either click reject to ensure only Strictly Necessary Cookies are enabled. All other cookies will not be enabled on the site.

You are free to accept or reject cookies on this site. Some web browsers may automatically accept cookies, but you can modify your browser settings to disable this. The acceptance/rejection of cookies for this site will have no effect on how the site behaves or operates, other than the collection of analytical data.

Some cookies cannot be disabled, these are called “Strictly Necessary Cookies”. You can view detailed information about these cookies by clicking the cookie icon in the bottom left of your screen.

You can accept and reject specific categories of cookies