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Finding people, talent and businesses is what we do, whether you’re looking for permanent talent to drive growth, searching for some interim support, planning your talent strategy, or seeking acquisition targets, we have the expertise, insights, and network to deliver exceptional results.

Executive Search

Ambitious, private equity-backed businesses need exceptional leaders to drive value and growth. Exceptional, not average. Inspirational, not run-of-the-mill. Accountable, not indecisive. People who make things happen. People with the right cultural mindset for the private equity-backed journey.

With hundreds of executive searches to our name, we have developed a proven search process, all based on an understanding of what it takes to perform under private equity ownership. We rigorously assess each candidate against a set of Key Assessment Criteria and present our findings fully and informatively, reducing the risk, and time, to hire.

Interim Management

Interim Management has a key role to play in delivering successful investment returns.  Existing management teams may lack the capacity, skill sets and experience needed to match the pace of change and growth in private equity-backed businesses.

With a database of proven and credible Interim Executives, we can quickly and accurately suggest professionals for all senior roles, many of which have specific technical or situational experiences, to deliver value effectively and speedily.

Talent Insights

Via our sister companies, Henley Research International and Henley Reward Consulting, we support growth businesses in gaining a deeper understanding of their talent marketplace in terms of competitive benchmarking, company structures and pay. 

Our approach involves conducting thorough market analysis, which is further supplemented by qualitative conversations with individuals who possess valuable insights into the market. By gathering first-hand information, we paint a comprehensive picture of the landscape in which our clients operate, so they can see their total addressable talent pool and make informed decisions.


M&A Mapping

Via our sister company, Henley Business Intelligence, we use our Executive Search technologies and methodologies to identify and evaluate potential merger and acquisition targets for strategic expansion or international expansion.

We can pinpoint companies that align with specific acquisition criteria, looking into their industry position, growth potential, financial health, and compatibility with your growth objectives. By providing a curated selection of suitable acquisition targets, our services streamline the M&A process, enhance decision-making, and increase the likelihood of successful transactions.

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