The Right Mindset

Hiring for Executive and Senior-level roles requires a high level of discovery, scrutiny, and due diligence – simply matching skills and experience to the role is a one-dimensional approach; and runs high risks.

Adding rigour to
candidate assessment

Having conducted a variety of executive search and interim projects for private equity backed businesses over the 15 years, we’ve developed a belief that within that environment, success isn’t easy to quantify and what may look like a credible career on paper, cannot guarantee results.

To succeed in this complex world, with its multiple stakeholders, fast pace and need for effective decision making, a particular type of personality is required; a personality distinct from the leaders of the corporate world; entrepreneurial, dynamic and decisive, but at the same time more settled and calm than the start-up leader.

We call this The Right Mindset.

The Right Mindset was developed in partnership with Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Paula Brockwell, who conducted the research across two groups.



The Right Mindset

In your download, you’ll find a wealth of information about The Right Mindset, as well as discover our meticulous tactics the best of the best, including:

  • 9Our research methodology
  • 9How to utilise The Right Mindset
  • 9Consequences of having the wrong mindset
  • 9Variations by differing business functions
  • 9How to apply The Right Mindset
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